Caring For Your Astrea Jewellery

There are a few basic tips to help keep your Astrea jewellery in tip-top condition for as long as possible, just follow these simple guidelines.

• Ensure your jewellery is kept in the correct way to prevent tangling and excess wear and tear. Please keep ideally in a jewellery box, on a jewellery tree or in cloth jewellery pouches. Stored separately, if possible, to stop damage by rubbing against other pieces.

• Ensure you remove jewellery when coming into contact with water – e.g., when showering, swimming, or bathing. Also, when you apply any soap, body, or hand lotion & oils. Also care taken when spraying perfume, or any other products not to apply to the jewellery piece itself.

  • Try to avoid exposure to direct sunlight as this can cause oxidising of the metal.
  • Most Sterling Silver styles may naturally tarnish over time. Most of our pieces have an anti-tarnish coating for protection, but over time you may notice some tarnishing which can be cleaned with a soft, lint-free jewellery cloth.
  • Remember all jewellery can Tarnish over time.


  • So, if you take care of your jewellery as above it will look like new for longer.

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